Filtering in inline list

Hi guys. I’m super stuck with a n00b issue regarding inline lists and multiple relations.
I even copied the employees template, and renamed some stuff.
I have an inline list of destinations with 3 different categories, so I created an inline list to filter the destination list depending on the type. You can see the demo app at and you can see I can create a list from the employees relation column.

Now, when I go to my app, even though I’ve re-created the same relations column, the app can’t seem to find the referred column, so it just shows the complete list, while not applying the filter.

Here’s the link to the sheet Casa Mayte - Google Sheets and here’s the link to the app

You need to show us what the relation looks like in the Data view for that sheet.

I just changed my app so that anyone can copy it.
As soon as I’m back in my laptop I’ll share some screenshots of the data view.

Thanks George, you’re the man.


It seems that you set up the relation ok but it was pulling in data from your lat/log column for some reason. I have no idea why. Anyway, all I did was make a copy of the app and refresh the spreadsheet. That fixed that issue.

Then I went to your inline list on the “new tab” and in the inline list for some reason you had a filter on address = blank. I got rid of that.

Thanks for taking a look, George!! :grinning:
Stupid bug was driving me nuts! I didn’t get why it wasn’t getting the correct data.