Problem with relation - not showing all items

My app’s URL:
I created a relation, but it’s not showing all the items in the inline list.

Is there something going on with Glide?

Was the relation set to multiple?

Yup, it is

Is there a filter on the inline list?

nope. I’m super intrigued.
I actually re-started again from a blank sheet and app, but it’s not showing all items.
I have a couple or relation rows, and with both of them the same issue happens, the inline list only shows the first result. :frowning:

What does your Menu_type sheet look like?

Just the menu types. Only one column.
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 6.25.38 PM

That’s why your relation is only returning one item. There is only one item to return. Do you actually want to use Menu_type sheet as your Sales tab in the List Style Layout and have a relation in that sheet to your Sales sheet? Then add an inline list using the relation within the details of each menu item.

Also your list was only returning one item because you are in the detail style layout and it’s only displaying the first row from your sales sheet. That first row only had one related item from the menu types sheet, so you only see Bar.

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Ok, let me get to it.
I always get confused with relation columns.
Thanks Jeff.

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A relation pulls all of related rows from a secondary sheet that matches a value in the primary sheet.

Think of a sheet containing offices. When viewing the details for one office, you want to view a list of related employees in that office. The relation would join the office name in the office sheet to the office name in the employee sheet. That way you can add an inline list in the office details of all the employees in that office.

This maybe is a stupid question… but if in the sales sheet I have rows of sales (instead of employees, I have sales), and there is a column with the menu_type (which would be the office).
Then, I have the menu_type sheet (which would be the offices).
So, I created the relation column in the sales sheet, since I want to generate a view like this one.
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 6.59.11 PM
I know my logic is wrong since it didn’t work, but can you point to me where I made the wrong turn?

PS: I know I asked you a bunch of questions about this in another thread, but since I got stuck, I started from a blank canvas again with a different approach.

Create the relation in the menu type sheet instead. You are close, but i think you are thinking about it backwards.

Make a new tab, or change your sales team to point to the menu type sheet.

Like the office employee example, the relation is in the office sheet.

We’ll worry about your Totals later.

Ok, but if the relation is in the menu_type sheet, then I can’t populate the inline list with the sales numbers, since all the data is in the sales sheet… or can I?

That’s where you can use Rollup columns to get the totals. Just create a Rollup column, point it to the relation, then set it to sum the total sales for that menu type.