How to use Relation column in inline list

I am having trouble using a relation column in an inline list. I have a table called products and a table called userProducts, userProducts has the product’s id and I added a relation column productData (data editor shows the product fine). The issue is that the inline list wont show product data as an option for the name, description, etc.



What kind of relation are you using? This must be a multiple relation to show data.


Yes, its a multiple relation

May you show some screenshots to see what Glide Data Editor is retrieving when your relation is working?


Yes, sorry! I can only post 1 image at a time.

Thanks for the help!

Ok but another one to see your Inline List settings will help a lot.

Something like this:

In your case, your inline list is from the userProducts table, and you are trying to relate a specific product ID to one specific product to display info on that product within the userProducts list, correct?

In that case, I believe what you really want is a single relation instead of a multiple relation. Then you can use Lookup columns to pull out specific columns from that related product row, and the Lookup columns will be available for you to choose from in your list.

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