Showing an inline list of a lookup array from a single relation

My use case is showing ingredients for a given menu item as an inline list in the item’s detail screen. I have looked through the forum and am still confused on how to make this work for my use case.

The relation column is NOT multi-match for reference. The lookup column pulls the array of ingredients from a different table. I am not seeing the option to create an inline list using the relation component or inline list component.

Thanks for any help!

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You can’t build an inline list from an array. An inline list needs to be in the form of rows. I’m assuming that you don’t need to do anything with the ingredients other than display them vertically, correct? Can you explain how your array of ingredients is created in the other sheet?

I would like to create the inline list so I can have custom actions with each ingredient or a details screen.

On my other sheet, there is an array column formed automatically from “Ingredients 1”, “Ingredients 2” etc… I then use a lookup to that table to pull together the ingredient array.

I have tried to do an inline list from the ingredients table (which has a relation column to the dish name) and filter to show the ingredients for just this dish, but that doesn’t seem to work either. I only get “is empty” and “is not empty” as my filter choices

OK, so you are saying that you do already have a sheet that lists the dish in one column and an ingrediant in another column? So something like this?

Dish Ingredent
Dish 1 Ingredient 1
Dish 1 Ingredient 2
Dish 1 Ingredient 3
Dish 2 Ingredient 1
Dish 2 Ingredient 2

If that’s the case, then all you need is a relation from your Dish sheet to the Ingredient sheet. Then your inline list just needs to use the relation as the source of your inline list when viewing the details of the dish. That way, you don’t need any array column. Just the relation.

If you wanted to save on rows, and your ingredients could be common across multiple dishes, then you could have an ingredient sheet that lists each unique ingredient on it’s own row. Then use the array column you created (assuming it’s in the Dish sheet) for the link to the ingredients sheet using a relation column. So your array of ingredients would drive the link to the ingredients sheet and pull back a multiple relation of ingredients in the form of rows that can then be used for the inline list.


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hehe, no problem.

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