Array / inline list isn't showing all columns

Hi everyone! First and foremost - I gotta tell the devs that I LOVE Glide. I always understood the UI creation and maintenance of app building but it was the SQL / database stuff that absolutely killed me because I always got so confused so THANK YOU! Using Google Sheets makes it so much easier!

My question: I’ve got 11 columns with multiple policies listed in each. Glide created an array, which is totally fine, but when I insert an inline list into my app, it only shows data from column one and column 11 but nothing in between. What am I doing wrong??


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Hi, is it possible to share the screenshot of the error?

So, it’s not really an ERROR; rather, not all of the data is showing. These are the 11 columns that were turned into the array:

And when I add the inline list and reference it (which I may be doing incorrectly, TBH), it only shows column 1 and column 11:


Is 4702 your first value in the next column?

No, it’s the value in column 11

Inline lists display either all rows in a sheet, or all rows in a multi-relation. They do not show contents of arrays.

What’s your relation settings? Can we have some screenshots?

The single relation looks like this and it would give me everything I need except that I need it to be a multi-relation:

Essentially, what I’m trying to do is provide references back to specific policies for each medication in the medication’s specific row. Each medication is referenced anywhere from one time to eleven times throughout our manual so the results need to be dynamic. I can’t wrap my head around this…

Would it be easier to use an inline list and filter it in app? I’M SO CONFUSED :exploding_head::exploding_head:

Also, when I use the list relation, it only gives me the first result because there are 11 separate policy columns and it won’t pull from the array column (not even sure if it can or is supposed to)

I’m a bit confused, so are you relating the policy ID array back to itself here?

No, I have two columns in different sheets with the same name

So let’s sat you have Policy 1, Policy 2, etc. in an array column, is that correct?

Then in the other sheet do you have each of them as separate rows?

Sort of… in one sheet I have them in separate columns that Glide made into an array:

Then, in the other sheet, I have them all in one column:

Sorry about the screenshots all being different sizes :man_facepalming:

It looks like the right setup, can you confirm you have cleared all blank spaces?