Display grouped data columns in an inline list

Hi everyone,

I gave multiple columns the same name plus a number (1, 2, 3 …). Glide will group them automatically together (and it looks like a custom made relation). But I can’t assign that relation to a inline list :S

I guess there is a simple solution how to handle that?

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Those are arrays. Not relations. You can use them for several things, like an image carousel, multiple emails for ‘is signed in user’ checks, multiple to multiple relations to other sheets. I don’t know why it has a relation icon, because it’s confusing, but it is fundamentally different.

If all you want is a list, you can just display each column separately, or join them together with a template column.


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I knew the solution would be so ovious :joy: Thanks @Jeff_Hager Cause I‘ve seen that tutorial a while ago…


Our fault — we make Arrays look just like Relations in the Data Editor.