Virtual Array as Simple List in App

Hi there! I’m trying to do something I think is quite simple. I have an array column that Glide created in my data. I’d like to add that array essentially as a simple list or even in a way that looks exactly as it does in the data set. I can only see the Array Column in the image component, but these aren’t images. Does array only import into the app for images? Seems odd to me.

You could use a template column to join the individual columns together as one markdown text value, then display it in a rich text component, or list them in a top down format in another sheet and use a relation column to link the primary sheet to them. Then you can display the items in a compact inline list.

Thank you! I actually just created a relation to link the array column to another sheet with those options. Haven’t played much with templates, but I may get there!

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