Can't Find Inline List

I am unable to find inline list, I saw many tutorial on Youtube where they use inline List but I cannot find it in glide now (2024)

It’s just called List now:


I was following this video to create something similar. Now, what’s the alternative glide introduced for the inline list functionality? “

Moreover when I created a relation as shown in video it is displaying this Query written and when I click query it shows question mark, I tried this relation thing with other table as well it showed same Query but upon clicking it was showing values but here no luck

What functionalities do you need? Most of them would be covered in the collection styles David showed above?


Basically, it is an error because I created dummy data exactly similar to my actual data. However, instead of putting that data in MySQL, I created CSV files, and it worked perfectly fine. But the same data and functions are giving me an error in MySQL when the data is coming from SQL.

Upon creating Look Up column it is giving me this error :
image but same is working fine with data in csv files

In this picture you can clearly see difference when computing data over MYSQL column relation and when computing data over CSV column relation