Issue With Inline List/Multiple Relations

I’m following this tutorial:

The issues I’ve noticed:

  • The columns created with Glide, the data editor, are not showing up in my google sheet (this only applies to relation columns, new text columns in the data editor are showing up)

  • When I add a new inline component, it is not allowing me to select a value, saying there are no relation columns available.

Any suggestions?

Glide’s special computed columns only live in Glide—they are not pushed into your Google sheet. They aren’t really even stored as rows in Glide—they are calculated on the fly.

Your relation needs to have Match Multiple checked to use it with an inline list.

Thanks for the quick response. I thought that might help with the debugging process, but good to know those columns will not be seen in the sheet!

I double checked and while I had selected multiple match for the relation column, deleting and adding the inline list component again seems to have worked (I had previously refreshed glide/reloaded data ect)

Thanks again!

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