Relation columns not showing

I want to use an inline list and choose a relation column previously made in the data tab of a specific sheet…but Glide message says there is no relation for that sheet or shows other different relations.

Any idea why? Any limits in columns per sheet? Thanks

Was it a single or multiple relation? Single might not show up for inline list. Your relation would need to be set to multiple.


Yes Jeff Thanks !!! Do not understand why, but was that !!!:grinning:

I think an inline list component and a list relation component need ‘Multiple’ to be selected to work. A Relation component needs ‘Multiple’ to not be selected for it to work.


For a relation column, I tend to use Multiple in most cases since I don’t use the Relation component very often. I see it making more of a difference when using a Relation column in combination with a Lookup column. If you intend to use a Lookup with a Basic text component, then you cannot select Multiple on the Relation column. If you need an array of multiple values for an image carousal or per user data with multiple emails, then multiple will need to be selected for the relation column.

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It is clear now. Thanks!!:dancer:

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My app didnot show relation coulmn in data although it is multiple relation .

what do you mean you use a relation column to create a multiple relation
or are you talking of the component if it is the component it should be visible in a details screen

It is multiple matching not single and every time i try to add component relation there is amessage that my data sheet doesnot contain arelation column although my data sheet has arelation column

that is because your relation is meant to be single for a relation component
for the multiple relation you use an inline list

I have a problem and it says the category sheet does not have a relation column whenever i try and type in a inline list. Could someone help?

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