Is there a bug in the relation component?

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I’ve been trying for hours to figure out the relation component for a podcast app. I’ve added the relation in the Data section but am still getting a message that there is no relation (see screenshot). Any advice, please.
Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 10.56.07 PM

Do you have a single or multiple relations?

multiple relation, and I checked the box!

Multiple relations work with the Inline List and List Relation components. Single relations only work with the Relation component.

thanks for the reply. I’ve fixed it now! If you have the patience, could you explain the difference between Inline List and List Relation components please. When would each be used. I’ve looked it up on the site but find it confusing to get my head round.

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Inline list is what i use most often. It’s just that…a list of items that can be viewed as a list, a compact list, as tiles, as a map, etc. The List Relation is different in that if there are multiple items, it will just show on one line, the number of items. When you click on it, it then opens into a list. If there is only 1 item in a List Relation, then will open directly into the details of that item.

Here is a screenshot of an inline list on top and a list relation below that. Both of them are referring to the same set of date.

ah, many thanks Jeff, the screenshot helps to visualize it. I also figured out another problem which was I didn’t know you need to include a relation column in both sheets in the Data section

Glad you are figuring things out, but curious why you need a relation on both sheets? That makes sense if you need to create an inline list, for example, on both sheet views (tabs), but if you only need a one way relation (inline list) to link sheet 1 to sheet 2, then there is no need to create a relation on sheet 2 as well.

i honestly, have no idea why, but it only started working after I did a relation on both sheets!

I’m not sure why it would be like that, unless you maybe added your first relation to the wrong sheet. The relation column should be on the sheet where you want to display an inline list. What you are doing is using the relation to Get the data from another sheet that matches a column in your originating sheet.

As long as you got everything working though, you should be good to go.

thanks for the reply. Staff at Glide have said the issue is the mp3’s are served using HTTP, and need to be HTTPS to function correctly