Column created in the Glide editor does not appear

Hello, in the Glide editor, I’ve created on the tab UNIQUE UPVOTE STARTUP a new RELATION column but after refreshing it, it does not appear in the main google sheets in that particular tab.
And the field does not appear either when I want to add that content to the app…
Have you had that issue already?
Thank you, Raph

Relation columns don’t get copied over to the GSheet itself, they live in Glide.

If you’re not seeing the relation come up in your layout lists, make it a multiple relation instead.

To add to @kyleheney’s response, yes glide columns only live within Glide. Especially when it comes to relations because a relation is either an entire row or an entire set of rows, depending on whether or not you set the multiple checkbox. It’s impossible to put an entire row/rows into a single Google sheet cell.

With that said, if you have not selected Multiple on your relation, then you can use a Lookup column to grab one particular column from that relation row. The lookup can be used for components in your app.