Cannot see Relations columns under Data tab on Glide

I have two relations that I have created via the Data > Add Column > Relation. I have also used these relations on the corresponding layout pages.

I don’t know if I have suddenly gone blind or forgotten where to look but I cannot figure out where the Relation column is. I checked under the Data tab for the corresponding sheet, but I’m unable to locate it. I remember it being listed as a separate column on Glide under Data, but it’s not there now.

Could someone please help me find it?

A column like this is what I am supposed to see, but I don’t see it under Data for my app.

Have you made any recent changes to the sheet that would have broken the relation? This could maybe have caused it to go away.

No changes. The relations still work because the pages I have created based on the relations still retrieve the correct data. It’s just that I am unable to see the relation itself under Data.

I’m sorry, it’s my mistake. I was looking at the detail page where I used the relation rather than where I had originally set it. The relation columns are very much there. I haven’t been working on this app for a while now and I got confused. Sorry for the trouble.

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