New to Glide trouble with Relationsips

Hi I am new to glide and am having trouble with relationships
I have a couple of sheets and add a relationship to one sheet via the glide app
But when I try to add the relationship button it says there is no relationship column within that sheet.
I also looked at the sheet in google sheets and there is not the relationship column added,
although if viewed through glide it says it is there

I am confused any help greatly appreciated


Hi Rob, welcome to Glide!

Firstly, it must be noted that the relationship column you added via the Data Editor in the Glide App won’t add a column in the Google Sheets file, so you won’t see it there.

Secondly, you must build relationship columns in both sheets you want to get them to work, not just one-sided. When you have worked that out, I think you can achieve what you want.

Feel free to ask us in this thread about your problems or email me at if you need further assistance.

Thanks for the quick response
OK understood in terms of nothing being added to the google sheet
I have added relationship columns in both sheets but when I try to add a component (Relationship Button) it says that the sheet does not have a relationship column. Which I don’t understand as when I look at the data through Glide I can see the relationship column and it has the values i expect in it ?

You don’t need the relation in both sheet, unless for some reason to need to add a list to the first sheet from the second sheet. One relation should work for you. The problem you are having is the use of the Multiple checkbox when setting up the relation column. If you did not select the Multiple checkbox, then it’s a single relation and will only return one matching row. The only component that works with this is the Relation component. If you have selected the Multiple checkbox, then the Relation Component will not work, but the Inline List and List Relation components will be available as those only work with a multiple relation.

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Many thanks that makes sense, getting there slowly
appreciate the help


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