Relations in Google Sheets

I am working on a simple database app through glide, and I have used Google Sheets as my data source. I am not getting an option to make relation columns in it, unlike the videos “Single Relations” and “Multiple Relations”. What should I do to solve this?

Can you explain what you mean by not getting an option to make relation columns? Have you tried adding a new column and select Relation as the column type?

When I try to add a new column, I don’t get an option for relation in the dropdown types. In computed types I only get Math and Template.

Can we see a screen shot please?

You should see something like this:

Oh, ok the others were not showing up on the screen so I thought they weren’t there. Thanks, now I’ll get back to using it. :sweat_smile: :blush:

Some of the column types are hidden in the sub-menus, but you can always use the search to quickly find the one you need:


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