Relations in glide table

Glide, glide, glide…
If you ask me, glide tables should be in staging
I’m not even going to describe :roll_eyes:

How very extremely immensely annoying for me. I was just implementing Glide Sheets into my app. Can you please make my day by fixing this? :smirk:

I think that’s because you don’t have any columns in that table to build a relation.


Oh my god… I’m such a big idiot :blush:
That might be the reason…
But what I was going to do is build a relation referring to a Google Sheet. Is this possible?

Yes — you can relate columns from your Glide Table to columns in your Google Sheet.

I’m thinking you may be trying to build a full copy of a GSheet and make it a Glide Table. That currently isn’t possible, but you could add columns to your Glide Table, then create relations and perform lookups to bring over the GSheet information.