Use Relation to output a single column value

Hello everyone,
I’m struggling to find a solution to that problem:
I have 1 glide table with an admin column that corresponds to every user.
Then another table (google sheets) with that same column (not same order) plus another column that I want to “copy” in the glide table (the values should update so that’s not a one-time copy).

I tried with relation using the in-common column, but I can’t choose to import only the column I’m looking for, and relation is a component I can’t use with action text for example…

How am I supposed to do a simple VLOOKUP on glide tables?

I’ve just seen a post of someone asking if glide isn’t getting too much complicated/less beginner friendly… spoiler, it is… don’t overengineer further please, copy all excel functions that are missing :slight_smile:
I mean… I saw a “Kebab case” function… :sweat_smile: :joy:

  • Use a relation column to link your tables. The relation column will point from one table to the other.
  • Your relation column does not house data. It only shows you what row(s) are being pointed to.
  • If your relation is a single relation for instance, use a lookup column on the relation to look up the values of columns. One lookup per column.

Vlookup in Excel = Relation + Lookup in Glide

I tried multiple times but lookup copies all the relation column data in one cell… my relation is single (1 user in glide table = 1 user in google sheet)

It sounds like you might have configured your lookup column to look up the value of a basic column rather than the relation.

Could you send screenshots of how you configured the lookup column and relation column?



In the configuration of the lookup column, under relation column, you should have a relation at the root level called “New Column A” (not the one under “Home”). Could you select that relation?

Just a thought, in your screenshot your first value is a Text column and you’re matching with an Email column. It may be wise to change the text column’s format to email and then your relation may be more successful in finding the appropriate match.

For a relation to work in Glide, the two values must match perfectly (a capital on one side of the relation and not the other will not lead to a match, for example). Once this relation is set up properly, you can add a Lookup column to “look up” the data that is found in the matched row. From there, you can select one of the columns from that table to pull that value into the other table.


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