Hi all
I feel that I am so nearly there - I am trying to get LOOKUP to work - and I can make it work within Google sheets but not in Glide - I have watched the video and although it sounds easy …!

I am trying to get LOOKUP to work like this - =LOOKUP(D2,‘Mandate fees’!$A$2:$B$8)
This formula works in the Google sheet, Column I, but I cannot make it work in the DATA section of Glide
I want it to action this in the column “Afetch fees”

Thank you

Might be easier to do a Glide relation->lookup data column instead.

Hi Robert
That is what I was trying to do - I set up a test app just to experiment with
I created a new column which is a realtion column and also a Lookup column and that is where I am stuck - Not sure which columns to link to what !

Looks like you got something to work!

I have managed to get some data into the cell BUT I it is only looking for an exact match rather than using it as a range as it should - and as it does if I put the formula in the Google sheet

Right…a Vlookup formula can get the closest match, a relation looks for an exact match. You’ll need to create a more complicated setup using some if then columns, possibly a template column merging your if-then values and then relating it to a template column in the other sheet. Not easily done, but it is possible.

Ok - I am begining to see why you set it up initially using VLOOKUP - within the Google sheet -
I just thought I would give it a try after getting success using math and IF columns - and seeing instant calculated results in the app.
The original one (that you setup for me) is great and I have added many other functions and everyone is really pleased except that it can take a few seconds to calculate
thanks anyway…

Just strange that LOOKUP works from one sheet to another in GOOGLE

=LOOKUP(D22,‘Mandate fees’!$A$2:$B$8)

Exactly. If the lag gets frustrating, I could craft you a solution that uses glide columns instead.

I will keep trying first to see how far I can get - I just reiterate though that it is strange that LOOKUP, as well as VLOOKUP, works correctly within Google …