I know that we have LOOKUP but it would be great to have VLOOKUP
I can use it in my Google sheet and it works just fine but it causes quite a delay in the app to fetch the data needed for other calculations that are made within the app itself.
I need the function of LOOKUP or VLOOKUP to select the next nearest value from the list
It is quite strange though that in Google sheets I can make LOOKUP perform the data collection that I need - from one page to another but in Glide LOOKUP only gets the data from an exact match - see the first 2 columns in my Data Table.
I also have had to include a display column so that I can format the data that is in an IF,THEN,ELSE column…
Please feel free to look - test at my (test) app which has minimum fuctionality - just for testing this situation - entereing a value up to 66,000 will calculate at minimun fee of 6600 and a value above that is calculated on a banded sliding scale - but because it has to rely on the Google sheet for the LOOKUP it is quite slow

I love GLIDE !

In the Glide Data Editor, have you tried the following “relation column + lookup”?

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Yes I have - theye are the first 2 columns, BUT they only bring back a result if it is an exact match. I need the lookup to get the value as this : -

As I said I can make this work with Google sheet either with LOOKUP or VLOOKUP

hi all
I am still looking for a solution or hopefully to be informed that VLOOKUP may be on the list of future features!

Hi Mike,

Can you log in to my test app and try out what’s in the NVP Test tab?

Link: https://tdslab.glideapp.io/

Hey …
That works !!
Can I Please see the workings ?

I have the Number Entry written to a user-specific column.

Then an If Then Else column to calculate the right barem to show.




This has nothing to do with the Barem range or the Barem pc column.


Nice solution…so simple.


I kind of understand…
So in the way that I was doing this, each user would appear on their own line within the data table where the calculations were processed - Your table generates a row id - I need to try and understand this as I have not used it before… Again in my app, the emai address automatically goes into the fist page of my Google sheet and so takes up a row for each user…
I see that on your app the email addres goes to the Profile page - so is the row id in the Profile page related to the row id in the Lookup Test page ?
What is the function of the row id in the Lookup Test page.
As I said I will have a play and I really appreciate your input and any firtyher help will be really appreciated

Something strange
Do you know why I do not get all of the options in the IF statement
This is Yours

This is Mine


Sorry it’s late here I will look further into your options tomorrow. The screenshot below looks like your column is a text column, not a number. Can you have a look into that?

I have tried all kinds of columns- all seem to give same options - I will keep trying / have a good evening And keep safe.
Where are you ?

I’m from Vietnam, Mike. Glad to help you and hopefully I’ll have time for your case tomorrow. It’s 11.30pm here already.

Hey thanks and get som e sleep !
I have tested and I can only make it work on a number column -
NOT on an IF THEN ELSE or Math Column
Hope to hear from you tomorrow…

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On the left hand side of the builder, select the data icon. You’ll build the IF statement there.


On the right, select the blue plus sign to create a new column. Under Column Type - choose If - Then - Else.

Follow the example here. Keep adding a case until you’ve included all your tests.


Yes I understand this (now!) but what I am saying is that I can’t run an IF math function on another IF THEN ELSE column - only on a Number Column
So I have tried this:
Created a Math column that is just a link to an IF THEN ELSE Column so it just displays the resuly… However I still cant get the math function in another IF THEN ELSE Column to work on the math column. BUT if the Math column is displaying the data from a number column then I get all of the maths functions
To see what I mean… please look at my test app and Bareme 2 - Check the columns : - Test Math 1 +Test IF 1 & Test Math 2 + Test IF 2

We can’t have a look at your Editor, only you can view it. Can we have some screenshots and a brief, clear point of what you’re trying to achieve after inputting the original number.

I want to see a clear logic and flow of the data, then I can help.

I have set the Google sheet to share - It is a modified version on the one that you allowed me to share so I cant understand why you cant see the Editor as I was able to see yours…

When I said the Editor I mean the Glide editor, not the Spreadsheet. Thank you for sharing the screenshots.