Random update lag

Sorry. I know this is a common question, but I haven’t found an answer / solution.

A portion of my app allows a user to input a license tag number (into Glide). That tag number saves to a cell in a gsheet (let’s call it “tag lookup” sheet), where I do a vlookup against our Form Responses table (~6000 rows). I then write “Found/Not Found” to another cell in the “tag lookup” sheet which is presented to the Glide user.

So a row in the sheet and in the glide app shows:

Tag Number ----> Found/Not Found (or blank while we wait)

So we are used to a few-second delay between entering the tag number and seeing the result.

But lately, on “busy” days (when we have 6-7 people doing tag lookups every 60-120 seconds for two hours) the tag number isn’t getting written to the sheet. Sometimes, if we wait 3-4 minutes, we eventually see it write to the sheet, and the lookup fires giving us a result, and it shows in the glide app. Other times, the tag number is just NEVER written to the Google sheet. It is just lost forever. I am on a Basic (not free) level.

Am I running into a limitation of some kind? This is really driving me crazy.

Thank you for any pointers you can offer.

Google can delay these changes from your Google Sheet for up to three minutes.

If you put the data in Glide, and use Relations and Lookups in our data editor, you will get the result instantaneously with zero delay.


Wow! Thank you! Now, I need to learn Relations and Lookups (I’m in new territory as I have always done EVERYTHING in sheets)! Ok, I’ll look into that. Thank you for the quick reply!

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After some research, I don’t think a Glide sheet will help. I need to look up the tag number they entered in my Google Sheets Form Responses sheet. I don’t think that’s possible with Glide tables, is it?

You do not need to use a Glide Table — I am suggesting that you do the VLOOKUP in Glide, using Relations + Lookup, instead of doing it in the Google Sheet. Your data will still be stored in the Google Sheet, you will just use the special columns in Glide’s data editor to do the VLOOKUP.


Thanks for the very fast reply! I’m sorry but I’ve really tried to figure this out and I can’t. How do I do a VLOOKUP in Glide without a glide table? I searched the Glide library for “vlookup” and only found references to “lookup”. As far as I can tell, vlookup is done in Sheets (which I’m familiar with).

All I’m trying to do is a license tag lookup. The user enters a tag number in the app, and in a glide table in the data editor, I do a relation to find the tag in my (MASSIVE) google sheet, and if it’s there, I return a lookup of another column in that google sheet. Pretty straight forward.

This solution works (kinda). The multi relation field does not return the tag number (just a bunch of “No” “No” “No” in the cell, one for each time the tag was found in the GSheet), but a subsequent lookup does accurately return the proper date from the lookup I perform on that weird Relation column. So I can kinda get the result I’m looking for, but the lookup against this massive GSHEET blows my 5000-row basic limit. Are you suggesting I can do this somehow without using a Glide table and a vlookup? That’s where I’m confused. Thank you so much for your responses. I love Glide and have referred many people.

You want to do a single Relation, then a Lookup on that value. This is the equivalent of VLOOKUP.

The “No” values you’re seeing are the related rows, but we just label them with the value in the first column. You use lookup to pull individual column values out of the related rows.



This is helpful (although appreciate you may have already seen it)



OK, thanks for your help. I understand now. Thanks for the fast response. I ended up using a hybrid approach. I made an extract table in GSheets that contained all my license plates in the system and use Glide to access that. The combination is EXTREMELY fast and exactly what I needed. Thanks again!