Google Sheet does not match data view in Glide

One of the cells in my google sheet is showing checked. However, when I look at the data screen, it does not reflect the same information as the google sheet. Could this be a bug where the information is not syncing to a specific cell?

Does Reload Sheet do anything?

No. I tried several times.

I have only seen a sync issue once, and that was due to a bug with the Lookup column, which was fixed. Any chance you have a lookup column?

I don’t have a lookup column. There is a switch component which when true, checks all the checkboxes in a grouping.

I am using the following formula for the cell.

=if($CV$8=TRUE, true)

$CV$8 is the switch.

On the spreadsheet I am getting the right result for this cell. It just doesn’t sync will the data view in glide. All other cells are working.

I’ve tried deleting the component and adding it back, but that’s not working either.

I’m not sure what could be wrong. As long as the formula is the same for each column, I think it should work. Are you doing any special formatting on the column in the sheet? You could try deleting and re-adding the column in the sheet. Then deleting and re-adding the component.

Would you mind sharing your app with us, please?

I am having a similar problem – the Glide data sheet does not match the Google sheet. I’ve tried deleting the item from within the app, but that didn’t work either. Refreshed multiple times.

Screenshots below. The extra row is highlight in the Glide data sheet.

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Could you share your app, please?


The original problem seems to have gone away, but the same issue is in a different sheet now. In the attached screenshots, Victor appears only once in the Google Sheet, but twice in the Glide data sheet.

I only see him once.

Next time this happens, would mind reloading the browser window, and reporting back on whether that made the duplicate rows disappear?

That might explain. I reloaded the sheet, but maybe not the browser. I’ll keep this in mind.


Well, it shouldn’t happen at all. I’m ask you to reload the browser tab next time it happens and let us know whether that helped or not. That’ll help us figure out the cause of the problem.

Do you know whether there’s anything you’re doing that leads up to there being duplicate rows?

Thanks for your help, @Mark (my first name, too, BTW).

The only cause I can think of is I might delete rows of data, in either the app or in Google Sheets. Perhaps that causes an error or delay when the app updates.

I will keep my eyes open.

@Mark It must have to do with deleting rows. In my case where I had those phantom or duplicate rows show up in the app, but not on the sheet, a script ran that cleared the sheet from row 2 on down and then added rows pull from a different spreadsheet. The script does a sheet.clear() and the loads all the rows needed from the other spreadsheet into an array, then calls a range.setValues(array) function. In my case it seems to always be the last row that is doubled up.

I’ll try to reproduce that. Thank you!

How do you do this? Looks great

Looks like markdown in a rich text component.

The logo is just an image with a lot of empty space on the left. It functions as a button to take the user to an “About” screen.

“CHALLENGE PERIOD” is just a Glide Basic Text component.

I fiddled around to determine the color and size of the header font (color: #666666; font-weight: 400; font-size: 0.857em;) so I could mimic it in the table.

The table itself was a lot of trial and error in Markdown. Here’s the formula in the cell:

="<span style='color: #666666; font-weight: 400; font-size: 0.857em;'>PROGRESS</span>
| Rank & name &nbsp; | &nbsp; To date &nbsp; | &nbsp; Week 3 (#) &nbsp; | &nbsp; Last &nbsp; |
| :--- | :---: | :---: | :---: |
| 1. Victor | 7% | 1 | Today |
| 2. Andrew | 0% | 0 | na |
| 3. | 0% | 0 | na |
| 4. Claudia | 0% | 0 | na |
| 5. Ernesto | 0% | 0 | na |
| 6. Guusje | 0% | 0 | 1 d |
| 7. Laura | 0% | 0 | 1 d |
| 8. Lexi | 0% | 0 | na |"

This is built up from the first two rows + CONCATENATE of the column containing the per-user data. It’s all dynamic, based on the names or users and their posts.

We’ve been warned that Glide may not support HTML formatting (the first line beginning with "<span style=...) in the future. I try to use it sparingly and just stick to Markdown. There are a lot of online tutorials.


Excellent thank you, very creative you are a master!