Googlesheet not in sync with Glide's data view


For some reason my googlesheet is not in sync with Glide’s data view.
This started a day or two ago when I deleted the data from my spreadhseet to test the app with a fresh start. The app is working (having some issues with the Zapier trigger from sheets to zapier SMTP which I’m wondering if the misalignment might be the reason).

It seems to be only affecting my user account tab. Aside from the fact that it’s concerning me that the two tools are not in sync when it comes to some of the tabs, this issue is stopping me from accessing the url link of images saved in my user account that were uploaded to glide.

Any ides how to fix it?

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 18.23.39

Hey !

You might be dealing with this issue :arrow_down: :

However, according to David’s last post it looks like everything has returned back to normal.
Please let us know if your issue is resolved !

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Scroll down to the end of your Google Sheet.

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Thank you, I found them!
Were they at the bottom this whole time?

It looks like it took some time to be added in your sheet but don’t quote me on that :slight_smile:

It’s very common if you have additional arrayformulas in your google sheet or existing rows that are populated with data or formulas, then glide will look for the first completely empty row to add data (commonly at the bottom of the sheet). It won’t add new data to existing rows that have something in them.

So to answer your question, yes, there is a very good chance that they were there the whole time. To assure it doesn’t happen again, be sure to delete all empty rows in your google sheet.


Thanks guys!
It also fixed the zapier issue I was having.