Glide outage? Unable to log into apps

We have 4 more apps - all of them have a blank white screen with loading circle.

They are in two separate accounts - so this looks to be global.

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Yes, same issue, Russia

I just faced the same problem. I thought it was my internet.

Same here. Just tried 3 separate private pro apps, and all three are the same. Tried killing them and reloading, and they just spin…:scream:

Looks like my workday is over)

Same issue here. It keeps prompting me to login with Google, and it just shows the progress indicator going round and round under the “Made with Glide” wording.

Mine seem fine — located in Ottawa ON Canada.

Edit— down too.

All my apps are spinning. Looks like my teachers can’t take attendance or order lunch today :grimacing:

We are looking into this now.

Update: App authentication is down—Public apps work, but apps which require login are currently unable to login.

Update: The authentication issue appears to be improving, with login working again.


mine spinning , not sure what’s the problem could be here

In Brazil too, all my APPs stopped !!!

Same in UK

Middle East too

Malaysia is joining… the troll. Pls help to fix ASAP!

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Any update?

Just got back in!

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Yes it’s back

yeah, mine are back now… phew!!

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Back on!

The issue has resolved on its own.

A core piece of Glide infrastructure stopped responding for a short period of time. We’re going to contact Google to report the issue—it appears to be a hiccup from a Google-provided service.