🚨 Major Incident: Apps failing to load

Glide apps are generally failing to load, we’re looking into it now.

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Yep, for about 15-20 min been getting the message:

" Oh sheet!

Glide could not reload the sheet"

Some Glide Data Editor tables are blank.

The actual Google Sheets are intact.

Good luck on resolving the issue lads!

I was searching here in the community for other people who had the same problem.

All of my apps are down excepted one I don’t succeed in getting down, despite lot of kill / start : https://toujoursdebout06.smapp.io, if it can help. Don’t know why this one is not down as all others, maybe because I updated it less than 1 hour ago?

Server is getting too busy. http response 429

I just managed to log in again, if helps

Likewise. Out of 3 tries, I logged in once. But it has been unstable since this morning

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@david and @mark, I noticed an interesting. My app which is still working, suffers from a connection problem. It’s a public app, but if I want to post a comment or to put an item in my favorites, I can’t connect using my email to get the pin, I get the “unauthorized email” message :

This app is public, so glide should not look for any authorization in the sheet, right? But it did it. Weird…

You can use the app for your investigation of needed, and let me know if I can help at my level with the app.

I’ve had that happen since yesterday with one specific user.
At the same time I’m just got some errors loading my sheet in Google apps.
Maybe Google is experiencing some glitches?

Having trouble with re-loading my google sheet too.


Same; users have been reporting back that they have been able to log back in slowly. However, the app does not seem to be updating from the google sheet anymore.

… sounds like a related issue?

Yeah, my app is fine for those who have it installed and are logged in. But it’s not pulling from the sheets, and my guess is it’s not sending to the sheet either. Although, I haven’t tested that to be sure,

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Fellow Gliders,

Take this opportunity to stretch, go for a walk, make a cup of tea.

Just set the status notifications here and you’re good to go:



I can see new records are going into the app, just not updating in the app interface

That’s better than me. My app won’t pull in my sheet at all. I’ll wait a bit longer and see if it’s resolved as the devs continue their work.

No. Actually, scratch that. My app is officially down with the “Error: could not handle the request”. They deescalated the issue as they identified it as a problem with one of their third party products. The status page says that the third party fixed it, but I guess it’s failed again. Looks like Glide is trying to keep that product from doing this at all… so hopefully that fix comes today.

Everything should be back to normal (as of a couple of hours ago).