Mega "Oh Sheet"

My App/Pages Support link: Glide

Describe the bug: After experiencing issues reloading my Google Sheets for a the past week, I am now experiencing something even greater.
I am unable to open my app entirely from within When the app loads up (Glide side, not the live app), it freezes for a few seconds then covers my screen with a banner saying "Oh Sheet! Glide has encountered a problem.

If this issue persists, please submit a bug support ticket. Make sure to include all information requested including a recording of the issue and a support link to the application.

Glide has encountered an irrecoverable database error and needs to be reloaded.


I cannot do anything. Even when i’m within my Glide dashboard, it seems to prevent me from opening any of my projects.

Expected Behaviour: my backend should load up normally. Previously, the standard “Glide cannot reload the sheet” would happen if I clicked on refresh. Now it happens before I can even click on anything.

How to replicate: I simply open the app from Glide’s dashboard, go to the Tables, wait a few seconds, and boom. Happens again and again and again.

Demonstration:Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
(Sorry I had to cut out a lot of the page because there’s very sensitive information in there. Nonetheless, after that window pops up and you click on “Reload”, it keeps looping back into the same issue.)

Right now, I cannot even open the app. Just stays stuck on the page in this screenshot.

Please submit this to the support team so they can look more into it. Thank you!