Google sheet Formula and Formatting

Is there anyway to carrier the formatting from Google sheets to the app?

Here is example of the data in Google sheets

googlesheets formatting

When the app it shows up like this? (i have tried plan text and rich text box)


As far as font or color, no. It’s just data so that type of stuff will not come across, however I think Glide is pretty good at getting the column type (text, date, number, etc, boolean, etc), but that’s about it. The only way to get the red color at this time would be to use rich text and unsupported html tags around the value. Probably some combination of template columns and If-Then columns to determine if the value is above or below zero.

Do you have any examples?

There are several posts and a quick google search shows how to do html. Again, Glide advises against using html in a rich text component since it can stop working at any time. Just be prepared if html stops being recognized in the app. I’m sure some day Glide will give us the option to adjust coloring, but for now this is the only option. There are limited options with markdown in the rich text component as well as the new Text component

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Think of it a bit differently.
Think of it as information that prompts the user to action.
If someone did not pay or still owes money, you want to help them pay.
So instead of showing the text in red (and you can use the GLIDE fields MATH and IF-THEN-ELSE columns instead of your formulas), show a button.
You can even set the text on that button with a GLIDE ‘TEMPLATE’ column (that you show if the ‘still owe’ column is less than 0) and reads “You still owe . Click to pay”