Retaining Rich Text

I have created an excel document by copying and pasted formatted text (e.g.,bold and italic) from a word document. I then open the excel document in google sheets. It is the google sheet I am using as the data for my app.

is there a way to bring formatted text into google sheets from excel?

Thanks for your help with this.

So you uploaded the Excel document to Google Drive and open it as a Google Sheet? I don’t think you have a way to retain the format that way. Have you tried copy pasting directly to an empty sheet instead of through uploading a file?

If you’re using it with Glide, why does it matter how it’s formatted in the Google Sheet? :thinking:

Didn’t try that…thanks for the suggestion…it works; i.e., I can copy an retain text formatting from excel to gsheets.

two issues:

  1. I try to display it in my app using a rich text field, but no formatting comes through.
  2. glide is reformatting the data inside of glide so that when I look at the data in the glide display of the sheet it looks like all the fields are choices (like a choice field in airtable)


Another issue from the copy point of view is that I have A LOT of data that I am bring across, so I actually add another step in my transformation from word and that is from excel to airtable. Copy and pasting doesn’t seem like a workable process with so much data

good question.

how can I get formatted data into glide, markdown?

the data I am working with in Word has the formatting and I want to retain that when I use that data in my app. Any suggestions on how to get data from word to glide that preserves the formatting? As you already know I have used excel and on occasion I have also moved the data into airtable.

I am open to suggestions.

If it’s valid markdown, you should be able to display it in a rich text component.

Just one thing to note is that when Glide syncs with your Google Sheets, it only syncs the data - the contents of the cells - not any formatting that might have been applied for display in the Google Sheets.


Could you provide a couple of screen shots that show:

  • How the data looks in the Google Sheet
  • How it looks in the Glide Data Editor
  • How it looks when you try to display it in a Rich Text component
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Will send something along later today.

@Darren_Murphy…apologies for not being my word and sending along a screenshot. The issue is now moot as I have the data stored as rich text in airtable (where it was living before moving it into GS so I could create an app from it). With the introduction of the airtable connection my issue has disappeared as glide recognizes and retains the formatting of the text inside of airtable :joy:

Thank you, again, for being so quick to lend a hand.