Cannot access excel file in Google


I created a new account on glide and the web platform is not accessing properly my google docs. I tried with a new account in Google and same problem. How can I see my spreadsheets on the Glide platform???

Are you trying to access Microsoft Excel files, or Google spreadsheet files? I see the word Excel thrown around loosely, so I’m just trying to clarify.

yes. I am using Microsoft excel files (.xlsx)

So that’s normal. Convert your excel file as Google sheet if you want any chance to build an app!

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Thx it works now. Its not very clear in the instructions, given that 99% of people use Excel and not google sheets

Hum… Glideapps home page is clear enough, no?

In some times, Glide will perhaps be compatible with other sheet format, or other DB. But to date : Google sheet power! :wink:

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Its too easy to navigate so you go straight to “new app” button. and then it doesn’t work. perhaps just a short explanation about the file conversion will be nice. Like you told me prior. :wink:

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Glide will not manage by itself to convert your excel file.

For such purpose, you have to open your excel sheet in your Google drive, than you will have access to a menu “share and export” in which you will be able to save your excel file as a Google sheet file.

Then once done, connect to glideapps, and create a new app pointing on the convert excel file.

Hum sorry, I think I misunderstood your last post. I believed you said that the excel file convertion failed. But no, I guess you have converted your file and are starting enjoying Glide.

Yup, seems very easy to use already, but I have a question. new one :slight_smile:

How can I change component entry type. ie. adding date and adding a list drop down. I formatted the column as data but it didn’t change the data entry on the app. Same thing for the list. made a range and i can see the drop down on the sheet but not on the app.

Glide will do what you ask him to do. At app creation time, Glide build a first version of your app arbitrarily, with some fields and components.

That’s up to you to remove these components if they don’t match your expectations, and add other components using the blue “+” icon (top right of the right frame)

Your sheet contains data, whatever they are (format and so on)the app builder is on Glide side, and you are the builder.

Check out some of the deep dive videos where an app is built from start to finish.

Hi again,

App is great.

I am almost done with the design. I want to share it/ publish it. How do i access it from a phone now?

sorry didn’t see i had to scroll down. Other issue is that the sheet1 name is not changing to what I wrote on the google sheet