Glide vs Google sheets (drive)

Hi, I’ve just discovered glide and it looks awesome!
I am struggeling connecting my google sheet to glide, the actual sheet does not pop up.

  • I am registered with my google account on glide
  • The google sheet is on my google drive (my drive)
  • The only options from glide - select a file - are the files that are located on my drive under “shared with me”
  • I cannot move my folder or create a folder/sheet in “shared with me”.

Does anyone know how i can link my sheet with my glide?
Many thanks.

Does your Google sheet have data, or at least headings? Glide won’t see empty sheets.

Hi Jeff, i have row which i use as headers. I didn’t make it an official excel preformatted table.
See screenshot below.

The app.xlsx is located in mydrive > business > apps

Does this information help you further?

I think that’s the problem. You are using an excel file in your Google drive. That is not a google sheet. You should create a new Google sheet instead.


Build the sheet faster :

After you create your new sheet ( you can type in your browser to create a new sheet ) you can go to the File Tab>Import and Select that Excel file from the Dive or you can upload the Excel file that stored in your computer. Then you can name your sheet. And you will see it on Glide when you come to the select files section.

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As has already been pointed out, what you have there is an Excel file, not a Google Sheet.
You can easily convert that to a Google Sheet by choosing File -> Save as Google Sheets from the menu bar.


Many thanks, that was indeed the problem.
I had no clue there was a difference between google sheets and excel :slight_smile:

Thanks for the solution!

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