Export app data from Glide - open in Excel possible?

My app’s URL: https://gray-wealth-8402.glideapp.io/

I cannot get export to open in Excel. When Excel tries to open the file it fails.
Is anybody else able to open an export from Glide

The file can be opened in Google sheets.



waw. That’s really great.

Can you make the app copyable?

Hello Krivo, I just tried an app of mine and I downloaded the complete information and I was able to open it without problems.
I congratulate you on the app, very good job as always.

If you can open it in GSheets, you should then be able to save/export it as an Excel file

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@Nadir_Abdelrahman_MD the app is made by Jeff. He might share the app later

Ok - it is possible for me to do it as well. Don’t know what happened. Thanks for your replies.

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