Excel Sheet For Practice

hello floks i’m new bie in glide app . i want to practice for various apps in glide . is there any resources to find excel sheets with data.

Welcome to the glider community.
You can reach the editable G spreadsheet by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to Glide. / G account is required.
  2. Select a template and tap it.
  3. Move to the data screen. / Tap the G spreadsheet icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  4. You can edit the data of G spreadsheet.

Have a nice weekend …

hello . i want to learn various apps like food delivery app , e-commerce app so how can i find excel sheet for that ??

Hi @Swanand_Joshi

Excel does not work with glide

If you want to learn maybe start with watching some videos.

Or read some of the documents


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The data of the Glide app is basically stored in the G spreadsheet.
You first need to follow steps 1-4 of my previous post.
If you really need an excel sheet for your special reason, you can download the excel file from G Spreadsheet.