Learning Google sheets and Microsoft Excel for Glide?

Hello, everyone.
I’m a glide beginner.
I enjoy learning glide very much.

However, some function, such as computed columns or formula, particularly the way to understand how to process data (utilizing relation columns, logic of creating ID, lookup columns, and so on) is a little difficult for me.

I have very little knowledge of google sheets and Excel.

Do you think that it is effective to learn the basic of google spread sheets or Microsoft Excel in order to enhance my glide capacity?

Please give me your advice.
Thank you very much.

I would suggest starting here:

This is the official “university” of Glide, courses designed by @JackVaughan and co. that would give you a good start to the Glide life.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in this forum!


Yea, Glide Uni, some docs, and then watch all of @Robert_Petitto’s videos.


I don’t think becoming more familiar with Google Sheets or Excel would be useful.

See Jack’s advice just above :point_up_2:


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