Learning Google Sheets Function & Formulas

Hello Gliders,

The more I learn about Glide the more I love it!

From my own experience and reading the posts here I now realize that Function & Formulas in Sheets are quite useful to expand the functionality of apps built with Glide.

Besides the section on Functions in the documentation, are there reference sites to learn about the Function & Formulas that are applicable to the Glide platform that you would recommend?


Hi, if you talk about Google Sheets Functions, then Ben Collins’ website is a good place to start.

When I started my intern as a Business Intelligence Analyst last year, my line manager asked me to learn this course:

Hope it would help. I just build up from there with my personal projects. Feel free to ask me if you need help.


Hi :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip! I’ll check it out.


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Here is google sheets actual function list for you. But I will say google has made almost every attempt to mimick excel. Almost anything you see in excel will work in sheets. (Be mindful that google scripts and Excel VBA is not compatible)


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Ben Collins’ two free courses on advanced formulas (I second @ThinhDinh ) and Apps Script are good places to learn and practice.