Time to introduce myself

Hi everyone,
My name is Pierre and I am from the Netherlands.
A few weeks ago I discovered Glide and I was busy collecting first many details before I would start with Glide.
After seeing several videos on Youtube I wanted to start myself.
But as always, finding a good place to start is not so easy.
In the past, I did some programming in Clipper but this now is very outdated.
Now because of health conditions, I am unemployed and don’t need or can work anymore.
So I have a lot of “free” time.
I wanted to use this to learn something new.
I tried several things like PHP, Python, HTML, CSS but after a few lessons, I gave up.
My mind is not so quick anymore and I get distracted easily and have problems staying focused.
So I think Glide is a nice place to start again.
I have so many ideas that I would like to work out.
Now, my first problem is to find a good tutorial or online course that can teach me step by step how things work.
Maybe someone here can suggest a good course for me.
Everything is welcome.
I am known with the basics of Excel, Google Sheets, and Notion.
So the concept of databases is no problem for me.
I already tried to look on Udemy but there is not much.
Most of all, I hope I can learn a lot from everyone in this community, but for now, things look a bit complicated to me.
Many thanks in advance for all your tips and hope you all have a nice day.


the best course is this forum! :wink:

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Hello @Pierre_de_Man, welcome to Glide, it’s so nice of you to share your story.


  1. Glide Library (brought to you by @JackVaughan and his team)
  2. Darren’s best practices (the other @Darren_Murphy !) on how to get started
  3. Bob’s videos (by @Robert_Petitto)
  4. Darren’s videos (by @Darren_Alderman)
  5. EditJesus’ videos (by @eltintero)

Happy gliding!


You can also learn some lessons with this app from @eltintero


My apologies I missed this, I didn’t know about Jesus’ videos. I updated my post above.

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Thanks a lot, and no worries :grin:


Thank you for the list. I will have a look at it.
Can you maybe confirm my thoughts on Glide? Am I right to say that with Glide I need to change the way I think? Instead of letting the program do all the work, I need to let the sheet/table do all the work. Like all calculations and conditions are done in the sheet/table. And Glide is “just there” to display my results.

The more work/ logic done inside Glide the better.

To quote @Darren_Murphy

  • Learn about Glide Computed Columns . Once you understand how to effectively use them you can start unleashing the true power of Glide.

  • Avoid Spreadsheet formulas like the plague. Let go of them, they are holding you back. Except in a very few cases, you don’t need them any more. If you think your formulas are way too complex and can’t possibly be done in Glide, refer to previous point :arrow_up: