Poll: What's your preferred way to learn Glide? + meet the new Glide University [Community Digest]

Hello Gliders!

Last Monday, I asked for your thoughts on whether these community digest posts are worth continuing. The response was an overwhelming “keep it going”, so here we are!

This week, I have another question for you:

What’s your preferred way to learn Glide?

You can choose up to three answers. We want to know your favourites. :wink:

  • Asking questions in the forum
  • Watching video tutorials, e.g. on YouTube
  • Following written guides, e.g. Glide Docs
  • Attending virtual or in-person workshops
  • Inspecting Glide app templates
  • Trial-and-error, figuring it out as you build
  • Other (leave a comment below!)
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Speaking of which…

Introducing the new Glide University :mortar_board:

Glide University is a curated collection of courses and standalone lessons created by the Glide team, Glide Experts, and other members of the Glide community. “Our main goal is to provide an accessible, engaging, and progressive platform for users eager to learn Glide’s ins and outs.”

Learn more in our announcement on the Glide blog →

Build With Glide: Building Glide’s new LMS :hammer_and_wrench:

The new Glide University was developed in collaboration with the talented Glide team at V88 Apps. What functionality did we need? Which components did we use? We’ll go behind the scenes on how it all came together in this week’s Build With Glide session.

RSVP for Thursday, August 3rd at 11am ET / 8am PT →

Showcase: Lockhart’s List :camera_flash:

@Cameraville put one-and-a-half years of hard work into this incredibly impressive Glide app: “The must-have resource for collectors and dealers looking to thrive in the second-hand Leica camera market.”

Check out the Lockhart’s List app and see his Showcase post →

Shipped: New Glide features & bug fixes :ship:


  • Email PIN is automatically turned on for Public > Login Required authentication


  • Page Size now available in the Comments collection component
  • Rollups over async computations are now a lot faster
  • Edit and Form submits are no longer blocked when a Choice component pulls its values from a Big Tables or BigQuery data source

UI Improvement

  • New badge on components that require a Starter plan

That’s it for today. Have a great week! :coffee:


I think “learn Glide” can be used in different contexts.

  1. I’m brand new to Glide and don’t have a project to work on, just interested in giving it a go
  2. I’m brand new to Glide and I do have a project to work on
  3. I know Glide. I’m working on a project and need help with something specific

1 needs a learning pathway. A game is a learning pathway, each level presents challenges that require you to practice and use skills to complete the level. Level 0 is very easy and full of hints. Level 10 is harder and requires new skills or more advanced versions of existing skills (e.g. you can already jump but now you have to time your jump perfectly to reach the ledge). Heaps of feedback and examples but most importantly challenges. So fictional projects are designed to introduce the most basic features, e.g. changing the colours or app icon through to more advanced things. Scenarios in fictional projects should show the need to learn new skills.

2 can benefit from 1’s approach, but 2 also has a project they are working on. They would probably benefit more from a forum, the docs, and examples and tutorials on how to do common things, like relations, managing users, and displaying data. Maybe not full example projects unless they are building a CRM but definitely smaller tutorials. They have an idea of what features their project needs but don’t know how to build those features in Glide.

3 needs docs and a forum to ask questions. They already know Glide but are trying to build something for the first time.

I think the walk-throughs are really good. For me the difference between a walk through and a template is that you want to understand how it works, not just fire up a template and add your data.


I voted but I thought this was Interesting phrasing - " What’s your preferred way to learn Glide?".

My preferred would be documentation with examples plus tutorials including videos with virtual workshops. Old school learning.

My actual path was trial and error to @Robert_Petitto videos to finally discovering the community with has been a god-send.

The struggle is on-boarding new Gliders - am really looking forward to the new Glide University.

The presentation with @Oscar_V88 and the work the entire @V88 did looks great.

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Same here. :wink:

I’ve been wondering if the community forum is too buried for new users.

Did you find out about the forum through Robert Petitto’s videos?

I don’t recall exactly how I found the Community, but I do know that I found myself here within a day or two of starting with Glide. So it can’t be buried too deep :wink:


I found community early but didn’t use it as a resource other than for inspiration/ideas on how to solve problems in Glide.

After about 3 months I started posting occasional questions/problems/concepts which I struggled with and discovered how fast and thoughtful the replies were.

I found @Robert_Petitto via his posts/examples in the Community and then followed his Youtube channel as well as @Darren_Alderman 's.

I am VERY interested in the FAST TRACK learning program for onboarding seasoned developers to the ‘Glideway’ ™ :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work.