How are you using Glide? + DocsAutomator Line Items Support [Community Digest]

Happy Monday, Gliders!

Last week we asked about your preferred ways to learn Glide.

Your top three picks were:

  1. Watching video tutorials, e.g. on YouTube
  2. Asking questions here in the forum
  3. Trial-and-error, figuring it out as you build

This wasn’t a scientific poll, but it was consistent with what we’ve seen and heard from Glide users over the last couple years, and it’s the direction we’re taking with Glide University courses. :smiley:

Related: We’re running a new survey about what kind of apps you’re building with Glide.

In the meantime…

Our Glide University challenge continues :mortar_board:

We’ve added ~30 new course creators to Glide University! Thank you to everyone who’s signed up so far. We can’t wait to see the courses you’re putting together.

Remember: This challenge runs til’ the end of August, so you have plenty of time to take part.

See the Community Challenge announcement for more details →

Glide Thrive for Agencies

Our Thrive for Agencies series continues this week with @mattbrowning from Triple Scoop talking about the no-code advantage for software development firms.

RSVP for Wednesday, August 9th at 2pm ET / 11am PT →

Showcase: DocsAutomator Line Items Support

DocsAutomator creator @rupert continues his contribution streak with an update on the DocsAutomator integration:

I’m super happy to announce that DocsAutomator now supports dynamic tables from relational data straight from the native integration (and thereby not requiring Make, Zapier, etc. anymore)!!! :confetti_ball: :muscle:

Check out his post in the Showcase category for more details →

Shipped: New Glide features & bug fixes :ship:


  • Easy Tab source picker now only shows tables
  • Notes component no longer renders unreadable text on a white background
  • Resolved an issue with integrations intermittently failing to send data
  • Resolved an issue with actions incorrectly responding with an error
  • Resolved issue with some blue colors on template preview elements not displaying correctly
  • Resolved issues with long file names behaving incorrectly in the multiple file picker

That’s it for today! Have a great week.

P.S. I’m out for family time starting next Tuesday. Weekly digests will resume in September. :wave:


:pray: Thanks for featuring DocsAutomator @NoCodeAndy ! (again! :slight_smile: )

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