Survey: What apps are you building?

Hey, Gliders! The team is looking to improve the Community forum experience. In order to do that, we are interested in knowing about the apps you are building. Please take the one-question poll below :point_down:

Who do you primarily build apps for?

  • Myself
  • My community or club
  • My school or university
  • My non-profit
  • My small business (<20 employees)
  • My employer or large company (21+ employees)
  • My clients
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Is it possible to allow multiple selections here? Thank you.

For this survey, we are simply looking for each person’s primary use case

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I have no idea how many answers you get on such polls, but I’d be careful to segment the respondents. If most respondents are experts, ambassadors, and regulars (possibly people who happen to hang out in the forum the most and answer such polls), then the results might be skewed towards “For my clients” (for example).

I also understand Thinh’s request for multiple answers which could be limited to maximum 2: experts and others might wear multiple hats, such as equally building for clients and building for their own business as their primary use case (for example).


Yes, that’s exactly my portfolio. Also, as you said, if it’s only one option for me, I gotta choose clients.

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