I need some favour: app ideas

I have been going through Glide since the past 6 months and in these 6 months I have explored through the uses and functions available, the logics and tricks with the help of certified experts and other users of the community and I have never tried to build an app. Although is is never possible to know Everything but i guess i have earned enough knowledge to build an app. But my mind is frickle and tossing so I am unable to decide what type of App should I build.
It would be very helpful if the glide community suggests me app Ideas for building.
Thank you Glide Community

I recommend starting with something really simple for your first app that solves a problem for you in business or your personal life. For example, make a list of all of your friend & family birthdays and create a calendar that tells you whose birthday is this month and who is coming up. Making a simple app like this is a great start and will give you the confidence to tackle something larger and more serious. And impress the heck out of your friends as well :wink:


Thank you very much Kabookie… ill keep building better performing apps… presently im getting started with the reminder app that you had suggested me. :smile:

I’ve built an app to order stuff from a family business that sells and delivers vegetables near home. My app lists all kinds of products they sell and at each use I select the ones I want and quantity. Then I have a link to send my order via WhatsApp to them.
It helps. It’s simple to build. Has a lot of space to improve and sofisticate. And you’ll learn a lot of things!

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If you work, you could try to identify the need for an app within the company:

  • Do you or colleagues use Excel sheets?
  • Could the company benefit from having an app sitting on top of a specific Excel sheet?
  • Does the company have workers in field operations (always on the go) and could an app help them in their work?

If you study:

  • Would your university benifit from having an app?
  • Maybe an app could help one of your classes, either the professor or your fellow students?

As Kabookie suggested, in your personal life:

  • Can you think of a situation, either regularly or a one-time project or event, where you use Google Sheets, or pen and paper, to log information?
  • Or do you try to remember things that would otherwise be clearer if they were in Google Sheets or on paper?

What if I try to build a community app like twitter?
Twitter has some features that annoy people like 140 characters are maximum in a tweet.
What if I resolve all the issues of twitter and try to build a community app like it with better user interface?

I wouldn’t use Glide to create a Twitter clone:

  • Glide doesn’t offer features such as reply, retweet, quotetweet, lists, etc. that one might expect on Twitter.
  • Glide doesn’t scale well for consumer apps where you might expect to have hundred of thousands or millions of users (which is I think what one might expect from a social media app).
  • Businesses around the world do need apps for their operations, this is what Glide is for.

I am trying to build it for teenagers. As you know… even I am a teenager and we actually have great ideas but we are unable to implement it due to lack of support… you can go to brainly.in and see their concept where students ask and students answer. What about that?

If you wish to build a prototype or minimum viable product of your idea, Glide might be a good platform.

If your app only needs visitors with no signin and no personalization within the app, Glide might also be a good solution to scale your project. Should you need users (signins), you could guesstimate how many users you might need or expect in your app and check the technical thresholds on Glide’s pricing page to confirm it would make sense to develop a consumer-facing app on Glide.

My recommendation: focus on developing internal apps for businesses/organizations (not on app store-like consumer-facing apps).


To build on @nathanaelb 's idea, find a local non-profit organization that benefits teens in some way and build something that solves a problem they have. This will allow you to serve your interest group and maximize glide’s features.

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