Why Glide keeps on making me happy!

Last night I got the idea for a ‘movies’ app where friends go to the cinema, rate movies and discuss movies.

This morning I built it in a little more than an hour.

This was totally impossible two years ago.

Glide is great.


@erwblo It’s because it’s run by a great team, has the best community I have ever known and glide gives you the opportunity to build great apps which was unheard of only a few short years ago.

Good luck with the app :slight_smile: sounds fun


All true.
It is so special that you can now build apps for micro communities. I’m not building the next unicorn, I’m making things that help me, my friends, my family, my neighbourhood.


@erwblo those little apps can make a big difference. I built one for some elderly relatives to use to make a shopping list as they find it hard to get out.

When we get to the shops we check what’s on the list and pick it up for them. Easy but so effective, they love it and think I’m so clever (me, clever, err no)


And of courser you are :grinning::grinning: