Why i love Glide so much

Being able to do stuff myself. Not needing an external party! Do you want a community element where people can add pics and comment on them? Consider it done!


I have not made any apps until Glide and it changed my life, a whole lot, I’m now 1 month into my freelance career thanks to this. Just wanna take this comment to say thanks to @david, @Mark and everybody at the Glide team again.

Glide empowers us to make MVPs, in just hours. Glide empowers us to make impressive apps and we can empower the community around us, the businesses around us as well. I have never thought I would sit in my house doing this much valuable stuff.

And last but not least, Glide makes me better everyday by providing a platform to interact with you beautiful people in this community. Thanks to you all, I’m honoured to learn from you everyday, and help you as well!


I agree with you 100% @ThinhDinh glide is a wonderful place
Big thanks to @Daniel_Sweet @david @Mark @JackVaughan
And thanks to all glide users for making glide more conducive for new users
Thanks to all experts @Robert_Petitto @Lisa @Jeff_Hager @WebMaye
:+1: :+1: :heart_eyes:


New to the party… but loving what I’ve been experiencing so far. I’m finding I’m building stuff…and only after…does it make sense in my head why it works… lol.

Can’t wait to get to Expert Level.


Quickest time from idea to execution. And with all the updates coming in, the opportunities keep growing. Also I love this community where people are always willing to help. Way to go Glide!

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Agreed!! Glide is awesome! Amazing tool above and beyond anything else I’ve come across and incredibly helpful community!! Glide is essentially my technical co-founder :joy: