Awesome People

I just wanted to say that this community seems to have some of the most dedicated, awesome people I’ve come across in a community before.

You know who you are, some of you have helped me directly (although I often end up in a different place and forget to say ‘thanks’ :grimacing:), but so many times you’ve helped me just by putting answers down on ‘paper’ for other users here and leaving the breadcrumbs for the search function to find. It’s the same names time after time after time after time. You are truly legends in your own lunchtime :wink: .

On behalf of some of us who forget to say it, Thank You.

The Glide documentation is…. not so awesome. It’s actually kind of a big negative, but you lot - well, I if it wasn’t for the time that you give up to help out I know that I wouldn’t be here still, and I’m sure the same can be said for many others.

Just wanted to make sure you know it (and maybe also ease a little guilt!)

The novices, the over-reachers, the greater-ambition-than-skilled, we salute you!!


I agree. This community is my favorite “social media”. Crazy how fast you’ll get a response to a question posed in the forum, right? Happy to have you here!


I love Glide the product. It fits my mindset and where I am professionally in my life.

Besides the product, the community forum, as well as Jack and the documentation, are a huge part of what makes Glide so … addictive! :crazy_face:

(and fun, rewarding and special :heart_hands:)


You’re to blame actually - I think I was 6 ‘softwares’ deep, not satisfied, and then came across your videos, and figured that if there was that kind of content available on YouTube then there must be enough ‘happy’ users to make it worth your time, and enough complexity to need someone to fill the skills gap. It was confirmed by someone else’s video for pretty much my use case. So you’ve only got yourself to blame!


That’s why I come here every day for the past 4 or so years! The energy here is great, most of the time.


The energy here is great, most of the time

And that’s why the Lord gave us Caffeine!

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Totally agree! So many great Glide users here who are always willing to help people no matter their proficiency. I’ve been helped by many of the greats here! :slight_smile:

I agree. I would have given up on Glide ages ago if it had not been for @Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto and many others on this forum.

A huge asset for Glide


Aw thanks for the kind words! Happy you’re part of our community too!

I totally agree Jon_L! Robert’s and Jack’s videos are what got Brian and myself started with Glide! A year later we feel like part of the family! Built an internal app at work to help technicians and shortly after formed an app company to help people outside our current industry. Lots of nights and weekends but we learned so much and we are still learning. We owe it all to the community, Glide, and the amazing content. :clap::trophy: