Thanks and feedback

I’m really new to Glide. I came here after a journey through 5 competing no-code products and strongly suspect I have now found my home! Here’s why:

  1. One of the most capable no-code solutions I have tried. Others look great, but seem to have major drawbacks once you spend a few days finding the limitations. Glide isn’t perfect, but the drawbacks I have found so far are reasonably easy to mitigate.

  2. Great documentation. Some projects forget how crucial this is. The other solutions that I suspect are at least as capable as Glide are lacking on this front, making every step hard and slow.

  3. Great community. I’ve already had a lot of questions and I’ve had knowledgeable, patient answers to them all. I look forward to giving back in a similar light as I learn the product more.

It’s amazing the difference those three things make together. I’ve been using Glide for a week, for just a short time each day. In that short time I have rebuilt an internal tool that took me several weeks on another platform and it is already far better than before.

Lots to learn still (next step is exposing the tool to customers), but looking forward to doing so.


Welcome! What are you building?

I mentor/coach business leaders in my niche. The current version of my app helps me manage those clients, tracking discussions, actions, issues and OKRs we’re working towards. Its already useful in helping me deliver better support to more business leaders than I could without it.

The next face gives them a login. They’ll each have a view on the same and be able to update progress. It will also introduce two new feature areas: A strategic planning element and a weekly checkin, which I think will be triggered by email. Still thinking these parts through.

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