Hello Glide Community, I'm Rachel!

Hello all :wave:

My name is Rachel. I’m a marketing technology manager at Southern New Hampshire University in the United States.

I was first introduced to the world of no code only less than a year ago and my excitement for this space has just been increasing exponentially ever since! I love how accessible no code makes technology and enables creators from all walks of life

I first started using Glide to make a project management app for my team at work. We’re so happy with how customizable & cost-effective the solution has been for us. I can see Glide helping us optimize lots more internal processes going forward :raised_hands:

Loving Glide so much that I recently created a non-work account for personal exploration and project builds. I’ve been a lurker in this community with my work account but haven’t yet jumped in. After seeing all the recent feature rollouts and how the Glide team has listened to the community. There’s something special here and I’m so excited to take part. :heart:


Welcome to the best community on the planet!

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Thank you @Robert_Petitto :clap: Happy to finally be an active participant after some time of lurking. Haven’t been an active member to personally say thank you until now. So just want to say that your contributions to this community have been so helpful in my Glide builds. Thank you for all your work!


Welcome to the family!

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Thank you! So excited to be here!

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