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I’m Robert from Russia. I am a business analyst and have been working in Excel and Google sheets for a long time and also sometimes use the code if necessary. Love web and design and also use CMS platforms for websites. But until recently, i didn’t even know that now it is called nocode or low-code technologies :slightly_smiling_face: Having learned about such a product as glide and its capabilities, i found it very interesting.

I have always strived to simplify complex operations at work and create my own tools for this. Over time, people from my environment began to turn to me for help, both from the business sector and privately. So the idea came to organize my own digital agency, which I am actively working on now. Hope glide will be a great tool in my work.

Glad to join such an active and welcoming community!



Welcome to the community!

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Welcome :wave: nice to have you here…

Any questions please ask…

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Got it thanks :ok_hand:

All the best setting up your agency. There seems to be a strong need. You may find inspiration from Gliders who deliver Glide apps professionally (@eltintero @ThinhDinh @Lisa @Lucas_Pires @yinon_raviv @sardamit @Manan_Mehta @Robert_Petitto @Aymeric_de_Maussion @Darren_Alderman)

Welcome to Glide! :wave:


Welcome to the family!

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You’ve joined the best nocode platform and by far 5he best community


@nathanaelb thanks a lot, I’ll try :ok_hand:

thanks, glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Hi Robert, Welcome to the community!

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Hi, Krisztian, thank you!

Welcome on board ! Have a great time around :slight_smile:

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thanks, hope :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the community🥳

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thanks :wave:

Welcome to the community!!

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