Hello Gliders! My name is Xavier (France)

Hello! :wave:

My name is Xavier and I am learning to develop apps on Glide.

Having already used several nocode tools (appsheet, wordpress, webflow, shopify, make/zapier…), knowing spreadsheets well (google sheets, excel) and having also developed applications with real code (React JS) I hope to be able to quickly familiarise myself to Glide, which seems very promising.

Very curious also to try to integrate a bit of artificial intelligence with the Open AI integration!

Concretely, I would like to develop business applications for craftsmen in particular.

See you soon!


Bonjour Xavier,

Welcome to the community. Since you know how to code and have experience using other nocode tools, I don’t think you will struggle.
One thing you may be surprised by though is how great a community this is, it’s unmatched…but don’t take my word for it, stock around and you will find out for yourself :wink:.

Welcome to the family! You have a lot of knowledge that would be a good fit with Glide already, but if you ever need to ask any questions, feel free to have a post here and we’ll try to help.

Many thanks @Luther and @ThinhDinh!

I am going to dive into all the Glide ressources, try to build a few projects and if I stuck on something I will comme back here. I will share my discoveries, ideas and projects here as well!

See you! :grinning:

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Bonjour Xavier,

Welcome !

Un petit conseil (perso) : si je débutais, j’attaquerais directement avec le databuilder de Glide plutôt que G-Sheet ; en revanche, tu peux pré-construire tes champs ‘non calculés’, ie. hors relation, lookup, etc) dans G-Sheet puis créer une table Glide, puis importer la feuille G-Sheet dans cette table Glide (clic droit sur la table Glide).

cf. en haut de l’écran

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