A few words about this community | Thank you all!

Dear Community,

I just wanted to take the time to share with you and to express with you my gratitude to all of you. I’ve been a members of many many different communities, and honestly this one is like no other.

I like how much people are friendly, devoted and even available to help each other in no time.

It’s impressive to see that around 90% of all users requests (#help-how-to) are answered in less than one hour.

It’s also impressive how much all the experienced users are giving quick answer without being disrespectful or showing a sort of despise towards the newly-registered users.

What I like also is how the Glide team acts, they are accessible and can be named freely. I know some communities where it’s “forbidden” to @mention all the staff teams/developpers.

I like also how request, and bugs are being handled in such a professional and quick way.

While Glide, is still new on the game, and a young company, I look forward to see back to see what there will be to report in the future !

A few comments that made me think that this community is different :

And you what do you think of the Glide Community ?


Although I have not done much with Glide I have been helped by three people already.
Many thanks …