Amazing tooling! Learning every day!

Hi There👋,

My name is Ruben, live in the Netherlands and I am using Glide for a few weeks now. Low-/nocode solutions did’t get me enthusiastic in the past, but this time …… wow! My compliments to the development team and this awesome community!

I managed to create an app/solution for our brass band to manage requests/gigs, score availability, and keep track of all the songs we have on our repertoire. In just a few weeks time, the whole band is using the app.

I hope to learn and contribute here and will invite more friend and colleages👍🏻.


Fantastic! Welcome to the community. You might want to connect with @erwblo :wink:

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It’s quite addictive, isn’t it? :wink:

Welcome to the Glide Community. As Jack would say, we can’t wait to see what you build!

Welcome to the community

Addictive really says it all!

With no real coding experience but mastering spreadsheets and presentation tools, Glide pushes the creativity button constantly.

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Hello @ALATBSOL. That’s fantastic! Excited to have you here :rocket:

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