I love Glide!

I love Glide! Not sure if that’s a topic or not, but yup, share why you love Glide Apps…


I love Glide because it allows me to build simple, powerful and beautiful applications for my business and others.

I’m technical savvy enough that I can build with Glide, though I’ve never been interested in learning traditional coding. Glide is my sweet spot.

  • Glide apps are powerful.
  • Glide apps are beautiful.
  • Glide is fun. To build on and to learn.
  • Glide logical.
  • The design of applications built on Glide are timeless, their design updates automatically for me.
  • Glide makes it easy for me to design good-looking applications.
  • Applications on Glide adapt to mobile and desktop.
  • Glide does a lot of the heavy lifting for me: hosting, authentication, storage, design.
  • Glide is a suite: I can handle data, layout and actions all in one single platform.
  • Glide caters to businesses (I prefer business-to-business technology to business-to-consumer)
  • Glide’s founding team have a solid vision.
  • Glide’s founding team have a solid track record of building successful software.
  • Glide is open to feedback.
  • Glide is great for no-coders like me, yet have subtle and advanced features for low-coders.
  • I’ve interacted with a few Glide employees, and they seem to be kind and decent people.
  • Glide’s community forum is amazing: a great place to learn and share.
  • Glide has Jack and Jack has superpowers. Glide Docs and Jack’s videos are amazing.
  • Andy and Brett are handsome.

Glide isn’t perfect, but it has a lot going for it.


I love Glide for these reasons:

  • I can build apps quickly
  • Experience
  • Community!
  • Contests
  • Opportunity
  • Nice employees

I love Glide for these reasons! Totally agree @nathanaelb


Your response is perfect. These are all valid points. Thank you so much Glide Team for providing such a great app, resources, and community.

I second that!