Beautiful apps in Glide?

Hi all, I hope y’all don’t mind me asking broadly. I’ve looked at quite a few Glide apps and I can’t say they look the best. What I am trying to figure out is if Glide app appearances cannot be customized to what most modern apps look like nowadays, or is it that the people using Glide don’t spend as much time on UI/UX since these apps are mostly used internally.

I’ve looked through quite a few of these and they all look pretty similar to the templates offered.

Thank you!

Do you have examples of what you consider beautiful apps?

Glide apps aren’t designed to be beautiful, they are meant to be functional first.

Templates are also, templates… you’re meant to work on it your own and modify as you see fit.

Beauty in UX is temporary. Everyone wants an app that works.


I feel like-
Out of all the no-code app builders out there, no one has such focus on a smooth and modern UX as glide does…

You should check out some of the recent Glide Templates

They’re clean, focused, a beautiful user experience.


Let’s say I wanted it to look like an Instacart or Doordash, would that be possible?

Most of the good looking apps out there have a full engineering team working on them behind the scenes. With Glide you can create a very nice UI/UX by urself in a very fast and cheap way. Currently, I don’t think it’s going to reach the level of custom coded apps (maybe it will later).
But prove your concept or get traction and then spend the money on an engineering team to develop your business/app

Glide has minimal design options and you basically have to work within the parameters of what is given to you. Ofc there are much better designed apps than others, but beautiful probably not.

Glide focuses on internal business apps, which typically have minimal focus on beauty as employees need to use it regardless. Thats why they focus on function more than anything else.


Do you have specific screenshots of a particular screen in Instacart and Doordash. I want to see what I can recreate within Glide.


Challenge accepted


Thanks for the replies and not responding negatively, one thing definitely good about Glide is the community!

Here’s an example -

Here’s another example from Klarna

All of these screens are very possible within Glide. In fact when we were still using Classic Apps (which allowed free usage of custom CSS), there even much better looking Apps that what you have displayed here.
All of these are also achievable even with pages but you must have the right team plan, which would allow you to use CSS to customise your Apps just the way you want.

It’s also important to note that what you have referenced as a comparison are basically public facing Apps and Glide is more of an internal tool “Dark Apps” used within enterprises to achieve a specific goal and beauty although it can be worked on, is not a priority. This however is not to say Glide cannot compete on that level. It most definitely can but you also need to bring your A game in terms of UI/UX design skills and then use CSS…

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Here are some really quick and dirty representations of my attempt at the same designs done in Glide. Could use some cleanup and refinement, but I didn’t want to spend all day on this. I’m sure if someone took the time, they could come up with much better looking examples. (This was done with capabilities currently available with a free plan in only a couple of hours)

While it is true that Glide is pretty limited in UI/UX, I believe that with the right creativity and creative use of inline CSS in a Rich Text component, along with the various built in design options, you can come up with some pretty impressive designs. I’ve seen some pretty impressive stuff by other users, and hopefully some of them can share here some screenshots here.

No you can’t directly clone pixel for pixel what another app may look like, or how it may function, but I also believe if you need that much granularity, you are probably better off building an app from scratch with code. Glide requires a little bit of creative ingenuity to get something that looks and functions exactly the way you want and may require some compromises.

Glide focuses more on functionality along with elegant design that follows most modern standards for iOS and Android, and as those standards evolve through the years, your app will follow automatically. Glide is meant to be more of a simple and easy to use tool to rapidly build functional apps, more than it’s meant to be a fully flexible UI/UX tool.

This was probably my most ambitious design (classic app) that I’ve done for myself, but others have done a whole lot more. Even though we don’t quite have the freedom with New Apps that we used to with Classic Apps, I still feel that you can get a pretty good design. I do wish that Glide would open up a few more design options (and I’m sure they will someday), but overall I’m more concerned with an app performing it’s intended function, rather than how it looks…(althought tweaking design can be fun)


Very impressive @Jeff_Hager :hugs::raised_hands::heart_eyes:

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Wow thank you @Jeff_Hager

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Here’s one that I made for an overseas customer,
they were quite happy with the result:

the colored background is auto generated using Glide’s tools, so every new sheet has a unique color.

Hope this helps give some inspiration-