Need UI design inspiration

Hi Gliders, I’m currently rebuilding an app and would need some UI design inspiration. I’d like to see thoughtful use of components and creative designs.

If any of you have screenshots of great looking Glide apps, post them here!

Do you have examples of what you mean by “creative” and “great looking”?
These terms can be subjective :smile:

Something like what we can see on the Glide website.

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Are you a member of the Glide Experts community? There is a showcase channel in Slack where you could see some examples.

I’m happy to share some of mine, however I’m not sure how inspiring they will be :joy:

These are from a prototype of an app I’m building for a client.
Managed vehicles (land, sea) in terms of servicing, maintenance, insurance, tyres and costs, plus accidents.

Again, not sure if this is inspiring, but this is the UI I built in Glide.

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No I wish I was in the Glide Expert community tough :pray:t2:

You just need to complete this certification (AFAIK). It’s not very hard to pass level 1.

I passed level 1-2-3 but I’m not part of any paid teams except mine so I think that’s why.

Oh I see, sorry. I obviously don’t know enough about it. I’m sure you’ll get there soon brother!

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You can find some inspirations in the library here.

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